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Clinical Trials

Ascendis Pharma is committed to developing a proprietary pipeline of unique products that address unmet patient needs in rare endocrine diseases. Our ongoing clinical programs for TransCon hGH, TransCon PTH, and TransCon CNP are a reflection of that commitment.

TransCon hGH

A phase 3 clinical trial comparing once-weekly TransCon hGH to daily hGH in eligible treatment-naïve, pre-pubertal children with GHD.

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heiGHt Trial - logo enliGHten - TransCon hGH: Long-term extension
A phase 3 clinical trial of once-weekly TransCon hGH in GH treatment-experienced children with GHD. fliGHt Trial - logo

TransCon PTH

A global phase 2 clinical trial designed to evaluate the safety, tolerability and efficacy of TransCon PTH in adult subjects with hypoparathyroidism. The trial will also evaluate a titration regimen for the complete withdrawal of standard of care (i.e., active vitamin D and calcium supplements).

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TransCon CNP

A natural history study designed to gain insight into the experience of children with achondroplasia. ACHieve will study height velocity, body proportionality, and comorbidities over time of children with achondroplasia up to 8 years old. No study medication will be administered.

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