Advancing our innovative pipeline
to address unmet needs


We are applying our TransCon technology to build a leading, fully integrated biopharmaceutical company with an independent pipeline of long-acting prodrug therapies that address unmet needs. In addition to our current pipeline of three rare disease endocrinology candidates, we have established oncology as our second therapeutic area of focus.

Ascendis Internal Endocrinology Pipeline Strategic Collaborations TransCon hGH TransCon PTH TransCon CNP > $3 billion 3 > $2 billion 4 > $1 billion Product Candidate Preclinical Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Potential WW Market 1 Worldwide Commerical Rights2 Pediatric Growth Hormone Deficiency Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency Hypoparathyroidism Achondroplasia TransCon Anti-VEGF TransCon Peptides > $7 billion > $1 billion Not disclosed Not disclosed Ophthalmology Diabetes Product Candidate Primary Indication Development Stage Potential WW Market 1 Worldwide Commerical Rights

1Based on market data and Company estimates

2Excludes rights granted to VISEN Pharmaceuticals in Greater China

3Includes all indications

4Based on treatment of ~25% of the U.S. patient population of ~80,000 patients