Linking the benefits of prodrug and sustained-release technologies

TransCon Technology

Our TransCon technology is designed to solve the fundamental limitations of previous approaches applied to extend duration of a drug’s action in the body, and to enhance the overall benefit of a given therapeutic. TransCon technology combines the benefits of conventional prodrug and sustained release technologies creating a platform technology that is broadly applicable to proteins, peptides and small molecules. TransCon technology can be used for both sustained systemic and sustained localized delivery.

TransCon prodrugs release the unmodified active parent drug at predetermined rates governed by physiological pH and temperature conditions. Consequently, we can design our linkers to release the drug at predictable rates. As the drug is released in its unmodified form, it retains its original mode of action, which we believe may improve the likelihood of clinical development success.

TransCon Technology: Sustained Systemic Delivery

TransCon Technology: Sustained Localized Delivery