Linking the benefits of prodrug and sustained-release technologies

TransCon Benefits

The TransCon technology platform uniquely combines the benefits of prodrug and sustained delivery technology. TransCon technology enables design of long-acting prodrugs that predictably release an unmodified and fully active parent drug. The TransCon linkers predictably control release of unmodified active parent drug at predetermined rates based on physiological pH and temperature conditions, supporting administration frequencies from daily up to half-yearly. Depending upon the type of TransCon carrier used, TransCon prodrugs are designed to act systemically or locally in areas that are difficult to treat with conventional therapies.

Ascendis Pharma’s TransCon technology may enable multiple therapeutic, drug development, regulatory and intellectual property benefits, as listed below.

TransCon Technology: Key Benefits


  • Predictable release of unmodified parent drug supporting daily to half-yearly administration
  • Enables localized or systemic drug exposure
  • Reduces dosing frequency to improve patient compliance and improve overall treatment outcome

Safety and Tolerability

  • Same mode of action as parent drug
  • Minimizes injection site reactions
  • Enables switch from continuous infusions to daily or less frequent subcutaneous injections
  • Immunogenic potential comparable to parent drug

Development and Regulatory

  • Higher expected clinical success rate when incorporating approved unmodified parent drug
  • May qualify for 505(b)(2) or similar non-U.S. approval pathways

Intellectual Property

  • New composition of matter patents